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The first and foremost hotel in tarapith to have SARAI License
Bideshini Hotel Regn no 3/2013 Bideshini Yatrinivas Regn no 2/2013

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By the side of “NEW BIDESHINI (HOTEL)” the “BIDESHINI YATRINIVAS” is Situated.This hotel keeps good arrangements for the bus passengers for living just in a homely atmosphere.

It has a total of 35 Rooms, there are 7 common rooms, 13 single bed rooms, 7 common single bed rooms,11 double-bed rooms and 3 dormitory rooms. A large Bus parking lot is also availbale in front of the hotel. It perfectly suits the requirement of large travelling groups, as well as individuals.

For booking and availing other information Bideshini Yatrinivas, contact +919046799885.

Valid Voter card,PAN card,Driving license, Passport or any valid photo-identity card is a must for boarding in the hotel.